Josh Kline Photography

Welcome to my website. I am a Minnesota based photographer local to Minneapolis. I have a strong passion for Portrait, Editorial, Wedding, Landscape, and Nature Photography. This website is here to share my work and provide a way for you to reach out to me to ask questions or book me for a photoshoot or event. Please share this page with friends and family, and share my work or purchase some prints to help support me. 

Portrait Portfolio

Check out my current Portrait work, and the incredible talent I’ve had the pleasure of working with so far.

Landscape and Infrared

Infrared isn’t visible to the human eye, but with my modified camera I am able to capture what the world looks like in a different light, literally.


As an avid outdoorsman, eagle scout, and lifelong adventurer, photographing wildlife was one of my first draws to photography.

Other Work

A great deal of what I shoot doesn’t fit very well into the above categories, but is still work that I am very proud of and wish to share. Everything from astro-photography to Cars and beyond.

How to support

If you’re not looking for any photo sessions or events to be captured, you can still support me by checking out prints of my work. Otherwise just sharing this page around to anyone who could use my services is a huge help!

Main Camera

Fujifilm X-H2

Secondary Camera

Full Spectrum Fujifilm X-T30

Film Cameras

Canon AE1 (35mm)

Mamiya RB67 Professional S (120)

Mamiya C220  (120)

Work With Me

Send me a message here to check on my availability and rates, or just ask me a question. Bookings are currently available, so if you’re in need of a photographer you’re in the right place.